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"When the same man, or set of men, holds the sword and the purse, there is an end of liberty."

— George Mason, former judge and American statesman


U.S. House & Senate Members

We will continue to update you regarding where your legislators stand on the FairTax. We need you to email us if you call or write them so we can keep track of the volume of supporters they are hearing from. If you receive feedback from their legislative office listing their reservations with the FairTax Act, please let us know. AFFT will visit them in DC to try and personally answer their questions or clarify their misinformation. Unsure which U.S. congressional district you are in? Need contact information on your legislators?
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PA State Legislators in Harrisburg

Remember to talk to your State Reps about FairTax also. While HR25 is Federal legislation, your local PA district Rep's support and influence will go a long way to helping us get federal politicians and business leaders on board FairTax is currently the best way to get Pennsylvania State out of its fiscal and economic downturn. If you are not sure who represents you in Harrisburg, enter your zipcode in the upper right hand corner of the link below.
   Locate PA State House & Senate members in Harrisburg (upper right corner)


(Note: Names in bold type indicate co-sponsors of H.R. 25)

Click here for 2013 Pennsylvania Congressional District map

Name Party For Against Leans For Leans Against Won't Commit
Sen Casey, Bob
Sen Toomey, Patrick R          
H-1 Brady, Robert
H-2 Fattah, Chaka D          
H-3 Kelly, Mike R      X    
H-4 Perry, Scott
H-5 Thompson, Glenn R          
H-6 Gerlach, Jim R     X    
H-7 Meehan, Patrick R          
H-8 Fitzpatrick, Michael R          
H-9 Schuster, Bill R          
H-10 Marino, Tom R          
H-11 Barletta, Lou R          
H-12 Rothfus, Keith
H-13 Schwartz, Allyson D          
H-14 Doyle, Mike D          
H-15 Dent, Charlie R          
H-16 Pitts, Joe R          
H-17 Cartwright, Matt
H-18 Murphy, Tim R X        

"It is the right of our people to organize to oppose any law and any part of the Constitution with which they are not in sympathy."

— Alfred E. Smith, former New York governor

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